Founder Zachary Weckstein

A rising personality in cinema, Zachary Weckstein is an internationally recognised producer since launching The Host (2020), and he continues to redefine popular film-making.


Zachary Victor Weckstein was born in 1989 in San Diego, California, and both his parents were from Jewish immigrant families. Zachary spent his younger years in San Diego, California, and later London, England.


He went to The Netherlands at age 16, and graduated from Undergraduate University in Rotterdam in International Business. He gained acknowledgement after completing his Masters at London Film School. Among his early directing and production efforts were several short films.


Over the next couple of years, Weckstein undertook a unique and classic production project, The Host (2020), the first English spoken, Dutch produced film to be distributed globally. His production work provides just a hint of the wellspring of talent that will dazzle audiences all over the world. 


As a producer, Weckstein has an affinity for international box office successes, and with his motto ’nothing is impossible’, it is Weckstein’s nature to make it happen. His distinctive style and expertise looks to challenge expectations, and forces the audience to re-examine their way of perceiving imagery, sound and time.

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